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May 19, 2012 6:30pm PDT
this development and the fact he will pursue a course of study in united states >>> he will live and study law at unique new york university. activist in chicago are in jail after plotting domestic terrorism at the upcoming nato summit the three men arrested wednesday charged with making molotov cocktails to firebombed police stations president obama's campaign headquarters and mayor rahm emanuel house. nato's protest against the nato summit have been noisy but peaceful >>> it is the war machine of the 1% we're in chicago saying that neda should be disbanded >>> nearly 50 world leaders attending a conference are focusing on winding down of the war in iraq protesters say money should be spent at home. on one side the activists and in the middle of the frogs like two sides who say they want the same thing cannot seem to agree. a gorgeous day in the bay area brian hackney up next,,,,,,,,,,, >>> free tests in san francisco as part of first-ever national hepatitis testing day, where the 5 million americans estimated that hepatitis b or c with the majority not aware. the viruses can lead to liver pr
May 5, 2012 6:30pm PDT
circuit television at four bases in the united states including fort hamilton in new york. many say what they saw frustrated them. this woman lost her brother charles the pilot of the man's the pilot of the plan to crashed into the pentagon. this is the second arraignment for the defendants the first trial was stopped when the obama administration tried to shut down guantanamo. >>> justice denied so long, >>> legal experts say it could take years for the trial to conclude. dru levenson cbs news, fort hamilton. >>> each defendant faces the death penalty if convicted. various school districts to step up to 3 students after the bell rings and a program offers dinner is a spinning and who is eligible and where the financing comes from. a beautiful day across the bay area brian hackney is up next.,, >>> ♪ chisholm food fun music and honoring mexican heritage all at local bay area festivals this was the joint richmond's cent of low parade celebrating peace and unity. in san francisco a big turnout for a party at a large part. family friendly and alcohol free. lots of musical performances and
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2